We have separated the lamb rams (neutered) to their own pen.  They are eating grass all the time with a couple oz of feed twice a day to make sure they get all the nutrition they need.  We are planning for them to be sold for butchering by late Nov.

Today we finish cleaning their stall and move on to other chores.

The two hives of Bees are doing fine and hope they are planning on a cold winter as I am.  Better prepared than not.

One duck had a close call with a hawk yesterday.  His head took the brunt of the fight.  He looks a little sore around the bill and drink water very carefully.  When we scared off the hawk, we brought him into the house and gave him a penicilin shot right away.  Cleaned him up and kept him in our duck hospital over night.  He seems to ready to try and deal with the world on a very gentle bases.

With Most respect – Spice O’Life Farm – Steve