Time does fly!

It has been a while since I posted anything. We had grown to 40 sheep. In anticipation of higher feed prices due to mid west flooding, we sold 20 sheep. All great sheep but the market was not very good. It may be worse later when the feed prices really go up. I hope we stay ahead of the curve enough to have wool and some meat sheep for sale. Dee is looking forward to the Harford PA Fiber Festival.

New Lambs for sale. Breeding or meat.


This is the third day that all the ewes and lambs have been to pasture. It is amazing at all the ewes check and find thier babies over and over as they roam around the pasture. It is a sight to behold


This pair are full brothers.


The Icelandic brown at this stage is so very true brown. Looking forward to watching them grow up.

We have 10 lambs now mostly male.  Brown and Black.  Three more ewes to deliver.  Let us know of your preferences.

New Year 2015 – Resolutions become Revolutions

DSC04916The Islandic Sheep are doing fine this morning. A slight covering of snow though. Dee helped me do a follow up on # 102 and she is doing great. The eye color was on the high end of good.

The ducks are doing fine this morning even if there heater light was on when I let them out. They took to the 25* weather fine.

The chickens were great also. The new water heater didn’t keep thing perfect at the outside temp of 9* and had some ice that quickly melted when I took it in. I was able to return it to service quickly. Now I just have to figure a way to impove the heater situation. This one is a bottom 50 watt heater.

Plan for the day will be to add some wall insulation down low and clean around the heater pan. Splitting a little wood so the fence row wood can be burned here in the Russian wood stove. We don’t burn a lot but it makes the house very comfortable and reduces the LP gas bill some. Then ofcourse it gets rid of the fence row wood without having to burn it in a pile or burying it. Preparing for the colder weather to follow will be checking on the animals living quarters. I think all is in order, but you know that is when something goes bad.

Peace and Good Fortune to ALL!

We have separated the lamb rams (neutered) to their own pen.  They are eating grass all the time with a couple oz of feed twice a day to make sure they get all the nutrition they need.  We are planning for them to be sold for butchering by late Nov.

Today we finish cleaning their stall and move on to other chores.

The two hives of Bees are doing fine and hope they are planning on a cold winter as I am.  Better prepared than not.

One duck had a close call with a hawk yesterday.  His head took the brunt of the fight.  He looks a little sore around the bill and drink water very carefully.  When we scared off the hawk, we brought him into the house and gave him a penicilin shot right away.  Cleaned him up and kept him in our duck hospital over night.  He seems to ready to try and deal with the world on a very gentle bases.

With Most respect – Spice O’Life Farm – Steve