Happenings at SOLF

We now have 10 lambs.  Brown and Black with three ewes to go and they are black so not much chance of any other colors at this stage.  If you are looking for breeding stock.  Let us know.  Most of the lambs are males.  Lot of good eating or breeding.


This is the third day for the ewes to be all out to pasture. The ewes are starting to settle. They are still spending a lot of time making sure they know where their babies are. Amazing how they care for them.


Nice black and brown. These two are full brothers. Same mother.


The wool on these babies is so very rich. I look forward to seeing them grow up.



Saturday 11 April 2015 2 ewes presented us with 2 each for 4 lambs.  Now to get them raised.

This is Arie and her two.

This is Arie and her two.

This is Cocoa and one of hers.

This is Cocoa and one of hers.

This is Cocoa's second.

This is Cocoa’s second.


Welcome to Spice O’Life Farm.  We are resurrecting a farm that dates back to 1863 at least.  A diversified farm is our goal. We have the sheep and in the back ground you see the chickens and ducks.  Out by our beginning orchard we have our starter 5 bee hives.  Presently we are selling eggs to local customers and fleeces, roving, yarn and honey.  Being diversified it makes for a lot to learn.  Each day is a challenge that has its rewards in the interaction with the creatures of the wonderful world.  1

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